Ursulimum is the first reference to Jerusalem in ancient Egyptian records dating back to 1330 BCE.
Ran Slavin’s “Ursulimum” is an underground odyssey to a deep maze under Jerusalem.
In this odyssey we face endless empty halls and rooms, magnetic force fields, glittering pantheons, abandoned technological sites radiating in self replication. We walk through a newly discovered past into a futuristic location, exploring place, history, memory and fantasy.
The “Second Temple” was destroyed in the year 70 CE. A third temple which is known to never have been built is possibly found underground. The Temple Mount, known in Hebrew (and in Judaism) as Har Habayit and in Arabic (and in Islam) as the Haram Ash-Sharif (Arabic: Noble Sanctuary), is one of the most important religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. It has been used as a religious site for thousands of years. At least four religions are known to have used the Temple Mount: Judaism, Christianity, Roman paganism, and Islam. It is believed to be the Bellybutton of the world, traditionally where the creation of the world began from the Foundation Stone at the peak of the mountain. Later on, the “Holy of Holies” – the core and heart of the First and Second Temple – were built around the “Foundation Stone”. It has been the object of the most sought after and coveted location for sacrifice and worship for the four religions over history. Historically, Jerusalem has been destroyed, besieged, attacked, captured and recaptured recurrently. New conquers of the city built new streets on top of the existing streets without destroying the former, resulting in layers that accumulated over time and formed a huge buried archeological city maze. Large portions of the these are still undiscovered and excavations are continuously carried.
The work Ursulimum constructs new and non existent spaces from the known. Layers of photographs of the old city are meticulously composed to create a new reality and vision. None of the spaces shown in Ursulimum exist in reality.


Director/director of photography/editor/post production/sound designer Ran Slavin
Supported by The New Fund for Cinema and Television
Sound Mastering Miguel Carvalhais
Cast: Yonathan Gilad
Shown previously here:

Times square New York City 
Beta Gallery, Jerusalem 
The Bangkok Underground Film Festival 
The Jerusalem Film Festival 
Centre Des Arts Enghiem Le Bains / FRANCE 
Private Nationalism, Dresden 
m21 Gallery, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter Pecs, Hungary 
Ursulimum installations at Mediations Biennale, Poznan Polin 
FILE/ Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
“New Codes” The Athens Video Art festival 
Prix de Creation, Videoformes, France 
Regional Museum of Baroque, Noto, Italy 
Cosmopolitan Stranger/Hotel de inmigrantes, Manifesta 9, Hasselt, Belgium 
Museum on the Seam (Mots) Jerusalem 
Givon Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel 
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Second temple plan:








References and research:

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