2017 Digital Junkies in Strange Times ,Digital, Cronica
2016 Bittersweet Melodies, Cronica, Limited CD+Digital,solo
2015 Rail Cables winter selection, Scanner, Greg Fox, Ran Slavin, Dru$s, (Manchester) 2 vinyl LP & digital
2013 Showing Light, False Ind, Limited CD+Digital,solo
2012 Shalosh-Hait [Slavin/Oppenheim/Hareuveni], CDx2
2010 Cronica L, CD v/a
2010 The Mediterranean Drift, Cronica, CD solo
2008 Nocturnal Rainbow Rising, Cronica, Digital, solo
2007 The Wayward Regional Transmissions, cd Cronica, Digital,solo
2006 Insomniac City, Mille Plateaux, DVD+CD solo
2006 Into The Void, Meissner/Slavin/Sachs, cd Sub Rosa Records, CD, collaboration
2005 Can I have 2 minutes of your time?, cd/dvd Cronica, 2XDVD+CDv/a
2005 Past Present Future. cd Ak Duck Records, CD v/a
2005 Aka Resses, Type/+, mini cd Ak Duck records CD EP, solo
2004 Bizz_Circuits_play_Intifada_Offspring, Mille Plateaux Media, DVD+CDv/a
2004 Click and Cuts 4, cd/2xvinyl Mille Plateaux Media, v/a
2004 Tropical Agent / Ears in Water, product 02, Cronica,CD solo
2003 On Paper, as Bz_ToneR [with Sebastian Meissner], 2xcd Cronica, 2XCD v/a
2003 Electronic Facts, cd Fact records, CD v/a
2002 Walking in Jerusalem, Random_Inc Mille-Plateaux, CD+2XLP v/a
2002 Quanta+Else|Studio Blanks 01-02, cd Esoteric Recordings, solo
2001 Lipstick Sync [Slavin+Shargoretsky aka Dj E]: Eastern Symphonies, Nana Discs/Esoteric Recordings, CD
2000 SharkMoneySexFastEntertainment, Earsay Records, CD solo
2000 Israelian Jungle, B.N.E records, CD v/a
1999 Thermo-Swing, Esoteric Recordings, CD solo
1996 Rare [Slavin/Frost/Hayut/Horovitz]- Private Pleasures, Hed Arzi records CD
1992 Rir [Slavin/Frost/Hayut/Horovitz], Hed Arzi records CD+MC
1987 Shalosh-Hait [Slavin/Oppenheim/Hareuveni], self titled LP
1985 The Pleasure Splinters, (London) demo tape
1982 Cholera w/David Op, Macelo Hervitz, Amir Yagil, Jerusalem limited cdr, Heart and Crossbones records