‘Radiances’ at The Lab, Tel Aviv, 2023


‘Ghost’ at The Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Israel 2023




PARADISE NOW mapping on Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv




14 August – 4/7 September 2022, Call for Dreams + 4 Dreams + EYE open at

Licht Zeit Labor Mediale Interventionen und Lichtkunst im Stadtraum Hannover

 Curation: Harro Schmidt and Tomasz Wendland



“Escalation.mov” .https://www.ranslavin.com/escalation_dot_mov/ An installation at The Tel Aviv Museum of Art for one night Using its own escalator as source material for an amplified site specific video and sound environment

Ghost at Kandidof House, Tel Aviv

Above: 6480 Days at Ehad Ha’am 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv 2022

Above: Eye and Eyes on You at The Ashdod Museum for Contemporary Art, Israel

Music and speakers installation at The Cuckoos Nest, Tel Aviv