New work at the Decentral Art Pavilion

Venice Biennale 2022. 20.4-30.6.22


‘6480 DAYS REMIX will screen at CinemAsia 2022

May 12-15 Amsterdam


6480 Days will show as part of the official selection at ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival in Paris 


ran slavin wins the Minister of Culture Award in Israel

Live experimental Jazz 30.3.22 TLV.IL

Call for Dreams video on demand via the “Nightmare Legacy”

CALL FOR DREAMS won best experimental at OTB film awards Miami




New 30 min documentary film about Israeli-Iraqi poet Ronny Someck I directed, co-shot, edited and designed in collaboration with Nurit Kedar, Shula Spiegel Productions and Kan 11 Broadcaster debuted on Israeli channel11 date 13.1.2022 at 22:30. Part of the series “Muzot” casting prominent cultural figures and screens at Epos Film Festival Tel Aviv 

Participating with “Smoke and Mirrors” video installation in Micha Figa’s new theatre production “The Unnecessary Man” by Ablomov, written and directed by Yehezkel Lazarov at Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv dates: 4/5/6/8 Jan 2022


 6480 Days selected by Cineaste International Film Festival of India

6480 Days selected by Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival, India

6480 Days – winner best experimental short film at Ojo Móvil Fest Peru

Call for Dreams in the feature film competition at Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival Italy 



In The Moment will show at Nakanojo Biennale, Japan 

6480 Days official selection at Bastalavista Genre Film Festival 2021, Hamburg


6480 Days poster



Solo screenings at Cinema Tick Tack Antwerpen, August 29 until Thursday September 16 every night from sunset to 01:00AM + streaming

ARCHE-typus – Utopies of Social Architecture, 28.08. to 03.10. Kulturzentrum-Faust, Hannover

ARCHE’, Architecture of Universe,  GAD Space 04, Pavillion 0, Venice
Curated by Tomasz Wendland, Harro Schmidt

Call for Dreams ,honorable mention at Deep Focus Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY

I had the pleasure of art directing and editing the online and trailer of #SCHOOLYARD, a new  documentary film by Nurit Kedar premiering august at The Jerusalem Film Festival 

New review of Call for Dreams on Psychocinematography

6480 Days screens at www.psarokokalo.org + festival-of-nations.com
New review of 6480 Days by Diary of a Spectator

New review of Call for Dreams on Elements of Madness

3 new installations on display at The Ashdod Museum of Art, Israel

6480 Days opening 9/2/21 at Communication Disorder group show at Tel Aviv and Everything Is Urgent at Transmission Sound Windows.


6480 Days reviewed on Film Threat

 6480 Days now showing at Utopia Film Festival

My follow up to Call for Dreams is this New short ‘6480 Days’ which is now live and airing at Utopia Film Fest, check it out here until 10.1.2021 https://futures.utopiafest.org.il/short/6480-days/

Call for Dreams review on Film Threat

CALL FOR DREAMS official selection  Lift-Off , January 2021 UK, online.


Call for Dreams won the Best of the Fest Award at Dreamers Of Dreams Film Festival 2020/ London  


Cooking For The Apocalypse

Cooking for the Apocalypse / Eco Noir: A companion for Precarious Times/ Group show. November 20–December 9, 2020. Symposium and book launch online: December 9 Exhibition Laboratory Merimiehenkatu 36 Helsinki Finland


Assemblage Staircase Gallery, group show, Tel Aviv

‘Call for Dreams’ won best narrative feature at La Paz International Film Festival, Bolivia


‘Call for Dreams’ selected for the 1st Edition of the UK Film Review Festival 2020



‘Call for Dreams’ selected for the 3rd Edition of  Urban Audiovisual Festival, Lisbon on November 12-14 2020


‘Call for Dreams’ official selection and in competition at the 10th Cinefantasy International Fantastic Film Festival 8-20/9/2020 São Paulo, Brazil

Call for Dreams special screening at Athens Digital Arts Festival 29/7/2020




Call for Dreams is now available at The Tel Aviv Cinematheque VOD


Call for Dreams won at AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival 2020

Call for Dreams available world wide.

Streaming now on:

Amazon Prime: amzn.to/3ecxZzZ
ImdbTv: imdb.com/tv/watch/tt7520672?ref_=tt_wbr_fdv
TubiTV: tubitv.com/movies/513029/call_for_dreams
GooglePlay: play.google.com/store/movies/details/Call_for_Dreams?id=N2_Gbinhyvk.P&hl=en_US
Roku:  therokuchannel.roku.com/details/a62f6035b44058cea0e8b2dada111688/call-for-dreams
Vimeo: vimeo.com/ondemand/callfordreams

Here is a rare opportunity to watch 90 minutes of my installation films online consecutively. Thanks to Garret Linn for initiating & producing this event as part of Spectacle Theater‘s (Brooklyn NYC) online Twitch transmission events, normally in the collectively run screening space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, now online naturally.
Tomorrow 7PM (EST) and free here – https://www.twitch.tv/spectaclenyc


Call for Dreams original soundtrack on Soundcloud


11 December at 19:30 Call for Dreams is part of the official selection at Nunes International Film Festival in Barcelona next month. Location: EL ATENEO LIBERTARIO DE GRACIA, CARRER DE L’ALZINA, 5 BARCELONA


Call for Dreams is part of the official selection at the 7th CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival, philippines


Call for Dreams is part of the official selection at the 7th Asian Film Festival Barcelona

The Floating Life winner at The Esports Digital Arts Prizes by Cyberport &Niio. To be show at The Arcade at Cyberport Hong Kong early 2020 


Disorientation group show at The New Gallery Artists Studios, Jerusalem

Opening 15.11.19 at 11:00

The term orientation, finding one’s position, originates in the Latin orientis or oriens, meaning “to shine” or “East,” to which ancient maps pointed. The act of adjusting the map to the correct picture of the world, turning it around to face east, was called orientation. When the compass was invented, magnetic north took its place as the main cardinal direction for Eurocentric mapmakers. Disorientation is a state of lack of spatial awareness in which one loses direction, whether it be geographic, concrete, or, metaphorical.
The exhibition is on view in the New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, a complex that stands aloof in terms of the city’s spread, severed from the fabric of the urban street life, neighborhood, and community. The works by the six participating artists engage in definitions of place and its relationship with its visual markers. They mark out a place while simultaneously subverting the possibility of orientation within it.


Solo show at Rubin Museum in Tel Aviv, until 22.10.19



Read a new review about at Israel Hayom  + Haaretz

Screenings and artist talk at MACRO ASILO Museum Rome

Call for Dreams screens on Saturday September 14th + artist talk

Battlefields screening on the 21st of september 

Smoke and Mirrors on the 28th of september 

Ursulimum on the 29th of september



16.6.19  https://www.siff.com/ CALL FOR DREAMS has been selected as one of the 7 films of this year’s SIFF Market Screenings at the Shanghai International Film Festival. 





June 7 at 21:30 Call For Dreams atThrough the Looking Glass International Film Festival Milano at Cinema Arcobaleno, Viale Tunisia 11, Milano. Read a recent review on Cineclandestino.

Saturday 8.6 at 17:30 –>Round table “Cinema: from zero budget to the stars” Moderator: Davide Dubinelli. With: Marcel Barion (The Final Land), Ran Slavin (Call for Dreams

16.6 – 20.6 art residency at the Carmel Forest Hotel Resort, North Israel

Curator Sharon Toval 

Newtopia showing in D/EVOLUTION show at Venice Biennale 

07.05.2019 – 15.05.2019 https://www.zueccaprojects.org/project/d-evolution/





The Larva Society for Psychical Research with the video installation Ursulimum. Until August at The Artists House, Jerusalem.


















6-11.3.19 Call for Dreams at The International Film Festival of Cartagena DeIndias, Cartagena, Colombia



Recent interviews

Very happy to be showing the video work “Newtopia” during the festive periods of Christmas and the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong’s largest, and one of the worlds largest screens!
“Newtopia” will be screened on the Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and the Empire Centre screens during December and January as one of the winners at the The Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes

“Newtopia” The Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes, Hong Kong from Ran Slavin on Vimeo.

Description: The city sparkles in a mysterious mesmerizing futurist promise, between the present, past and future, science fiction and zen, suspended in this moment in time. The city as body, its molecular veins – light conveying information, forever on the move in a changing and morphing cycle.

Newtopia featured in Wallpaper magazine

7.12.18 Call For Dreams wins Best Film at Utopia Film Festival

Call for Dreams won the Israeli competition last night at Utopia Film Festival with Call For Dreams! Thank you Utopiafest and thank you Jury Members Lior Elefant, Israel, Co-director, Israeli Women in Film and Television Forum Angel Sala Corbi, Spain, Director of the SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya Pedro Souto, Portugal, Director of the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, MOTELX

Took us by surprise.

The jury of the Utopia Israel competition want to congratulate the organization of the Festival for a great selection, a perfect balance between pure genre movies and others more focused in the progressive genre hybridization and the break of frontiers of different cinema manifestations.
The winner for this jury is Call For Dreams directed by Ran Slavin (produced by Ronen Ben-Tal). A film that develops a rich structure of themes, a complex narrative between science fiction and video art and also a reflection about the nature of reality.

27.11.2018 + 30.11.18 – Call For Dreams International Premier at “rebels with a cause competition” Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival





14.11 at 17:15, Multikino #10 | Call for Dreams screens at the directors debut competition and cinematographers debut competition in Camerimage International Film Festival, Bydgoszcz, Poland






28.9 20:00 2018 – Call For Dreams Israeli premiere screens at The 34th Haifa International Film Festival.

21.11.18 20:00 – Call for Dreams screens at Beita Gallery Jerusalem- screening and Q&A

Solo show at Beita Gallery, Jerusalem

Preview in haaretz

Preview in Talking Art  

Video Artwork October 18, Garment District Art Festival Billboard, Times Square New York

17.10 21:30 2018 – Call For Dreams screens in the Israel Cinema Day at The Tel Aviv Cinematheque, link to tickets: https://www.cinema.co.il/order/?evenid=20072 and at Cinema City, Glilot


28.9 20:00 2018 – Call For Dreams Israeli premiere at The 34th Haifa International Film Festival in a special event/







1.6.2018 OSTRALE Biennale opening in Malta with “Variations Amud Anan”





24-27.5.18 “Ursulimum” selected by the PhotoPhore to be included in “Tech Break” screening during ADAF (Athens Digital Art Festival) 2018, Greece


18.5.2018 New exhibition with a new 3 channel video installation titled “BATTLEFIELDS” at “DRONE VISION, WARFARE, SURVEILLANCE AND PROTEST” opening in NIMAC Nicosia, Cyprus











New reissues of Israeli Indie music from the 80’s & 90’s in compilation vinyls NADIR with tracks from Shalosh Hait and RIR

15-24.3.2018 Two videos will show at Kelim Choreography Centre March Hare Dance Festival, Bat Yam


Organic Urbanic, The Floating Life, Ursulimum, Omni Presence, are showing in a 5 week video art takeover by an alliance of international artists on the billboard at the corner of 41st St and Broadway (10 Times Square) Dec 4 – Dec 16 curated by Tamar Dresdner.

15th Garment District Arts Festival “Ursulimum (Excerpt)” By Ran Slavin from ZAZ on Vimeo.

24:7 Ran Slavin “The Floating Life 2017” Video Excerpt from ZAZ on Vimeo.
















1.11.17 The Floating Life at The Wrong Biennale, curated by Sharon Toval


14.11.17 Ursulimum screening at Bangkok Underground Cinema Shorts – Noise Market 7 at the Bangkok underground film festival


Ostrale (Dresden) Biennale catalogue arrived


6-8.10.2017 Virtual Garden, art between virtual and analogue reality. Poznan. Curator Tomasz Wendland.


8-11.9.17 The Floating Life (1 channel) screens at The Roundhouse in Camden – London at TLV-LDN event.
Curated by Marie Shek and Ori Gersht


28.7.17 – 1.10.17 Variations Amud Anan installation will show in OSTRALE Biennale for contemporary art, Dresden Germany.







27.7.17 Art Summer Nights, (screening of The Floating Life 1 channel + DJ) The Norman Series, 20:00 The Norman Hotel Tel Aviv








17+19.7 21:00 Ursulimum screens in a program at The Jerusalem Film Festival
18.7.18 – Digital Junkies in Strange Times album launch/listening @ Uganda Tel Aviv
3.7.17 A pre premiere of Looted and Hidden Palestinian Archives in Israel, a film by Rona Sela which I edited, narrated and made the music to shows at The Tel Aviv Museum of Art and at the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam – 24 January – 4 February 2018












11.5.17-14.5.17 I have been invited to judge in the Depth Of Field competition at DocAviv The Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival
Digital Junkies in strange Times through found speakers installed at the Cuckoos Nest, Jaffa


20.4.17 – Ursulimum opens at DATA CITIES, Centre Des Arts ENGHIEN-LES-BAINS / FRANCE



28.7.17 – 1.10.17 Variations Amud Anan installation is showing in OSTRALE Biennale for contemporary art in Germany, Dresden.
11.5.17-14.5.17 I have been invited to be a judge in the Depth Of Field competition at DocAviv The Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival
20.4.17 – Ursulimum opens at DATA CITIES, Centre Des Arts ENGHIEN-LES-BAINS / FRANCE
Variations Amud Anan installation is showing in Terra Mediterranea: In Action for 7 months at NIMAC, Nicosia, Cyprus

4 new digital track LP is released on Cronica media-label based in Porto, Portugal:

Group show from the Tirosh collection in Kiev:

A 2-week long site site-specific commissioned screenings at The Israeli Philharmonic building

From tuesday next week myself and Nevet Yitzhak screen a newly commissioned 70 meter video surge on the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra’s windows and building in time for their 80’th celebrations. Focusing on details of instruments and mechanisms of playing, shot during the Philharmonic’s rehearsals. On display every night after dark 20.12-31.12
Artistic director -Yudit Shapira Haviv
In cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality, The Philharmonic Fund and The Israeli Philharmonic
big thanks to Tali Gotlieb

TRAILER (everyday fiction) is featured on Milk and Honey Magazine

Solo show World5version2 at The Haifa Museum Of Modern Art Israel 23/7/16-22/1/17

ran slavin invite 2

Installation view (detail) Mixed media, video, sound

Curator: Svetlana Reingold, Revital Silverman Grun, Limor Alpern Zered

The curator’s statement:
In recent years, post-postmodernism has been gaining strength, expressing this generation’s attempt to overcome the postmodernism of the late twentieth century, as a general response to the present, conflict- ridden moment. Post-modernism characterized by irony, pastiche, relativism, and the rejection of major narratives. By contrast, post-postmodernism is concerned with the revival of utopian conceptions of universal truths, as well as with ethical questions, humanism, and their significant relation with the world of culture and art. The new exhibitions will examine the issues involved with this change – such as the future vision of new ways of living, meta-geography and human existence in a polarized space, the return to myth and ancient sources, and more.

Ran Slavin’s video installation at the Haifa Museum of Art is comprised of a number of video sources, electronic, digital, sound, and light objects (the work’s first version was shown at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art earlier this year, curated by Aya Lurie). Together they combine and form a fragmented installment occurring intensively, simultaneously, and repetitively, in a number of locations. The project reflects a technologically, culturally, ethically, and aesthetically complex portrait of the present with respect to time, place, and space. Slavin works with layered digital 3-D animation, reflecting on the experience of our disconnection from natural time. He proposes a technological space and time capsule as a sensorial space, reflecting the virtual-digital age.
The project’s title echoes the common categorization of the world’s countries into “first,” “second,” and “third worlds,” according to parameters such as regime, economy, and technological progress. World 5, Version 2 is a virtual world no longer dependent on representational or photographic strategies. In it, time deviates from the natural order and is no longer dependent on the orbits of the sun and Earth, which determine a 24 hours per day cycle divided hours into light and dark. This world is a binary, uninterrupted one. Multi-screen, fragmented, electricity-dependent, and characterized by technological excess and information. It is spread out in arrays of screens, projections, sound and light objects creating a multi-screen heterotopic arrangement with winding nets, exposed electrical bearings, computerized graphics, light strips and electronic units attached to each other provisionally, with office paper clips.
World 5, Version 2 proposes a contemplation of a flickering, ever-changing space with awe and enchantment. Three -dimensional images of mechanical bodies and ancient landscapes interspersed with abstract multi-layered digital models are placed in landscapes recalling science fiction and virtual aesthetics. This world offers different parallel possibilities, for which there is no structured “proper” course of viewing or understanding. It is a simultaneous, hybrid utopian world, characterized by movement between the physical and the digital with no beginning, middle or end.

World5version2 installation view (detail) Mixed media, video, sound. Haifa Museum of Modern Art 23/7/16-22/1/17
Photos by Stas Korolov

DSC5538 ran slavin

DSC5552 ran slavin

DSC5551 ran slavin

DSC5549 ran slavin

DSC5546 ran slavin

DSC5545 ran slavin

DSC5543 ran slavin

DSC5542 ran slavin

DSC5540 ran slavin


Variations Amud Anan, video & sound, Halle14 Centre For Contemporary art, October 2016
Ran Slavin Variations 6 copy

14322449_10210143160233482_6260603416642931586_n ran slavin

Ran Slavin
Variations Amud Anan

Variations Amud Anan is a three-channel video/sound installation shot partly with military equipment in the Judea and the Negev Desert extending over Israel’s southern region. In it, real and fictional elements freely intertwine reflecting dislocation and mythology, geo-political war and the mediation of information. The desert is reintroduced as a breeding ground of security paranoia, liquid reality and of mythological and fictional occurrences. In the biblical-mythical sense a pillar of cloud was one of the manifestations of the presence of the God of Israel in the Torah, the five books of Moses, which appear at the beginning of the Old Testament Bible. According to the Book of Exodus, the pillar of cloud guided the Israelites by day during the Exodus from Egypt. The pillar of cloud is traditionally paired with the manifestation of the divine presence which provided the Israelites with direction and guidance in the desert. In 2012 the Operation Amud Anan aka Pillar of Defense (Hebrew: Amúd Anán literally meaning Pillar of Cloud) was an eight-day Israel Defense Forces operation in the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip, which began on 14 November 2012 with the killing of the chief of the Gaza military wing of Hamas and the launch of over 100 rockets at Israel during a 24-hour period. The operation was preceded by a period during which a number of mutual Israeli-Palestinian responsive attacks had taken place. In todays often government controlled media, saturated/manipulated over-informed times, and especially in media blackouts during secretive military operations, it is sometimes hard to tell what the truth is and what is really going on.
Variations Amud Anan reflects these notions and the peculiar abuse of biblical-mythical terminology by the current Israeli right wing government appropriating Amud Anan aka “Pillar of Cloud” a military operation title. It also reflects on Israel’s over occupation with security and distills a considerable amount of fiction into reality. In Variations Amud Anan symbolic elements are joined with real ones and form a fictional oriented realm based on true and mythological events. Distant ominous dust trails, security seen infra lasers, gigantic crumbling sand structures reminiscent of ancient pyramids, thermo heat cams esthetic, a high separation wall signifying an end of one zone and the beginning of another unpredictable one. In science fiction films and books the desert is often portrayed as the land of the outlaws, a fourth world, a place for the marginalized sub-populations socially excluded from global society; hunter-gatherer, nomadic, pastoral, and some subsistence farming peoples living beyond the modern industrial norm. In Israel it has an even wider context. Considerable chunks of the desert are military training grounds. Israel’s southern borders are met with Egypt, a place where continuous secret border crossings happen with African immigrants and fleeing war refugees from war torn areas. Refugees fleeing Africa by foot for months only to be captured by mafia style Bedouin gangs to be held in torture and gruesome conditions in return for ransom.
The centre of the 3 channel installation is a six meter smoke column that joins floor and ceiling in an endless column of cloud screening on a transparent surface.
Directed, shot and composed by Ran Slavin

Ran Slavin Variations 3 copy
Photo: Walther Le Kon

ranslavin 1

Ran Slavin Variations 1 copy

Ran Slavin Variations 5 copy

“Installation 24”

Installation 24, Bet Hatfutsot Museum, Tel Aviv
1 channel video, sound, mirror structure.
On view as permanent display at the New Wing of Beit Hatfutsot Museum, Tel Aviv.

A commissioned permanent display installation at Beit Hatfutsot Museum in Tel Aviv
featuring a 52 minute ambient video documentary work set in a mirror structure.
The film is divided to 24 short ambient works in one sequence, documenting 24 synagogues from around the globe.
From Mexico, Romania, Brazil, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Hadera, Canada, Russia, Australia, Paris and more.

IMG_4610-1 ran slavin

IMG_4612-1 ran slavin

IMG_4616 ran slavin

At The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art Israel (solo) 16/1/16 – 30/4/16
Photos by Amit Geron
img_9127PS ran slavin

img_8872 ran slavin

img_8827 ran slavin

img_8756 ran slavin