U P D A T E S.

11.7.24  –  ‘122,499 files’ inauguration of a permanent new video installation at YAD VASHEM, Jerusalem
10.7.24 Paradise Now (Vol3) at ‘Beyond’. A year long digital installation at an abandoned flour mill, Salame 25 st Tel Aviv
27.6.24 Call for Dreams and Oolong Ambient Works screening at The Tel Aviv Cinematheque
30.3.24 – 15.11.24 Paradise Now (Vol 2)  Muza  a site-specific video and sound installation at the glass blowers pavilion in Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv. Until December.

Oolông: Ambient Works LP and 69 minute visual timeline released on Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux across all platforms from 22.3.24.
Shapeshifter Premiering a new commissioned installation for Local Testimony, Muza Museum, from 5.12.23, Tel Aviv
Radiances. New solo show 10.8.23 20:00 The LAb. Herzel 119, Tel Aviv
Radiances. New album release 3.8.23 on all platforms ‘Moli Dahab’ out on all platforms. Album with multiple covers.
New works and collaboration with digital art platform Sedition

3-6/5 My new book Shapeshifter will have a mini launch and participation at Tel Aviv’s Artport Book Fair.

‘Battlefields’ opening as part of the exhibition War is over, Peace has not yet begun at Imago Mudi Foundation, Treviso, Italy.  Curated by Fondazione Imago Mundi, featuring: Francesco Arena, Terry Atkinson, Massimo Bartolini, Eteri Chkadua, Maxim Dondyuk, Harun Farocki, Leon Golub, Alfredo Jaar, Mario Merz, Richard Mosse, Pedro Reyes, Martha Rosler, Sim Chi Yin, Ran Slavin.
A unique project incorporating an instant exhibition “Responding art . Time of crisis“ takes place as of May 20th until May 29th in a building designated for reconstruction at Bloch 34 st Tel Aviv. Initiated by 2 architecture students, Yuval Ziv and Eilon Brosh and a group of students together with Head Curator Lola Liat Lavie Azran. open daily 10-22. Video works ‘Ghost’ & ‘torch’
New album. Read a review
Ghost at The Ramat Gan Museum of Art

New music out now
New video out now to the reissue of Cathedral Connectors

Shapeshifter. Ran Slavin artist book published

‘Shapeshifter’ is the first comprehensive publication documenting Ran Slavin’s work, an innovative film maker, video artist, visual designer and sound composer active since the early 1990s. Ran Slavin’s work is centered on electronic time based media and the use of digital technologies to explore the dynamic inter relations between fiction, history, photography, digital intervention and sound. Slavin’s trans-media productions encompass feature and experimental cinema, immersive installations, photography, CGI multiverses and digital music. The book offers an overview of the artist’s main projects to date through a visual design and index that echoes his cinematic imagery and  ethereal distinctive vocabulary.

The limited book edition presents a selection of works in film, video, installation and sound from 1990 to 2022. Designed as a structure of fifteen unique chapter layouts in which each chapter focuses on a different work aspiring to appear both as a visual experience and as a documentary of physical installations including 35 QR codes for digital streaming of album releases, videos, excerpts and films. 

English 320 pages Softcover, 20.5 x 27 cm, 2022 Edited by Francesco Spampinato.

With text and theoretical contributions by: Francesco Spampinato, Gabi Scardi,  Massimo Causo, Achim Szepanski,  Yiannis Toumazis, Tomasz Wendland, Drorit Gur Arie, Aya Lurie, Adiya Porat, Merav Ktorza, Avital Wexler, Svetlana Reingold, Hadassah Cohen, Naomi Aviv Milo, Alona Kimhi, Nili Goren, Avi Pitchon.  Designed by Anna Azzali for Mousse Publishing

Order from Mousse, Barnes and Noble, Artbook, Bridgeport, Amazon . In Tel Aviv at:  bookstore, Migdalor bookstore , Reading bookstore, Sipur Pashut bookstore, Parter Art Space, Magasin 3 books.

New hour mix for FM radio stations: Files from the aether world
1.11.22 -streaming:  USMARADIO – 19:00 CEST
14.11.22 – streaming:  Radio RaBe – 23:00 CET
27.11.22 -streaming:  reboot.fm – 22:00 CET
An initiative of Meira Asher radioart106_#150
10.11 ‘Shapeshifter’ book launch: 17:00-20:00 at Magazin3 bookstore, Jaffa

16.11 – ‘6480 Days’ at The All Asian Independent Film Festival (AAIFF), the Power Plant Cinema, Manila, the Philippines 

18.11 – ‘6480 Days’ at Soundtrack festival, cinematheque Tel Aviv
26.1.23 Ghost – at The Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, Israel
October 20/21/22 Call for Dreams (82 minute feature film) will screen at Clipa Theatre in Tel Aviv every night from 20:00 including a different short and a conversation with the film maker. Tickets  

14 August – 4/7 September 2022, Call for Dreams + 4 Dreams + EYE open at

Licht Zeit Labor Mediale Interventionen und Lichtkunst im Stadtraum Hannover

 Curation: Harro Schmidt and Tomasz Wendland

21/8 Call for Dreams @ Picknic film festival, Cantbaria, Spain 

24/8 Call for Dreams @ Mitspe Ramon Film Festival, Israel

+ Call For Dreams new essay by Drorit Gur Arie:  https://www.erev-rav.com/archives/54493

Watch Call for Dreams online on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/ondemand/callfordreams

29/7 Call for Dreams and 6480 Days screen at cinema Kanada, Florentin Tel Aviv. 21:30

24.08. 7pm Israeli Video Art. The NOASS art centre, Riga Latvia
6/7.22 / 20:00 – 24:00 Save the date. Only 1 a nighter. Paradise Now will screen huge on Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre from 20:00 – 24:00 for 1 night only. w/live music by Rejoicer

Call for Dreams screening double bill including 6480 Days.
At Hagada Hasmalit cinema club, Ahad Haam 70 st, 25.6.22 / 20:00 + Q&A + Mami Shimazaki

22.6 / 20:00 – 24:00 Paradise Now screens huge on Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre from 20:00 – 24:00 for 1 night only. w/live music by the fabulous Duo Brothers @duobrothers3 and DJ Biri @deepa_and_biri        

New work at the Decentral Art Pavilion

Venice Biennale 2022. 20.4-30.6.22

‘6480 DAYS REMIX will screen at CinemAsia 2022

May 12-15 Amsterdam

6480 Days will show as part of the official selection at ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival in Paris 


the Minister of Culture Award in Israel

Live experimental Jazz 30.3.22 TLV.IL

Call for Dreams video on demand via the “Nightmare Legacy”

CALL FOR DREAMS won best experimental at OTB film awards Miami

New 30 min documentary film about Israeli-Iraqi poet Ronny Someck I directed, co-shot, edited and designed in collaboration with Nurit Kedar, Shula Spiegel Productions and Kan 11 Broadcaster debuted on Israeli channel11 date 13.1.2022 at 22:30. Part of the series “Muzot” casting prominent cultural figures and screens at Epos Film Festival Tel Aviv

Participating with “Smoke and Mirrors” video installation in Micha Figa’s new theatre production “The Unnecessary Man” by Ablomov, written and directed by Yehezkel Lazarov at Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv dates: 4/5/6/8 Jan 2022

Ursulimum at Zer01ne Festival Jerusalem

 6480 Days selected by Cineaste International Film Festival of India

6480 Days selected by Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival, India

6480 Days – winner best experimental short film at Ojo Móvil Fest Peru

Call for Dreams in the feature film competition at Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival Italy

In The Moment will show at Nakanojo Biennale, Japan

6480 Days official selection at Bastalavista Genre Film Festival 2021, Hamburg

Solo screenings at Cinema Tick Tack Antwerpen, August 29 until Thursday September 16 every night from sunset to 01:00AM + streaming

ARCHE-typus – Utopies of Social Architecture, 28.08. to 03.10. Kulturzentrum-Faust, Hannover

ARCHE’, Architecture of Universe,  GAD Space 04, Pavillion 0, Venice Curated by Tomasz Wendland, Harro Schmidt

Call for Dreams ,honorable mention at Deep Focus Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY

I had the pleasure of art directing and editing the online and trailer of #SCHOOLYARD, a new  documentary film by Nurit Kedar premiering august at The Jerusalem Film Festival

New review of Call for Dreams on Psychocinematography
6480 Days screens at www.psarokokalo.org + festival-of-nations.com
New review of 6480 Days by Diary of a Spectator

New review of Call for Dreams on Elements of Madness

3 new installations on display at The Ashdod Museum of Art, Israel

6480 Days opening 9/2/21 at Communication Disorder group show at Tel Aviv and Everything Is Urgent at Transmission Sound Windows.

6480 Days reviewed on Film Threat

 6480 Days now showing at Utopia Film Festival

My follow up to Call for Dreams is this New short ‘6480 Days’ which is now live and airing at Utopia Film Fest, check it out here until 10.1.2021 https://futures.utopiafest.org.il/short/6480-days/

Call for Dreams review on Film Threat

CALL FOR DREAMS official selection  Lift-Off , January 2021 UK, online.


Call for Dreams won the Best of the Fest Award at Dreamers Of Dreams Film Festival 2020/ London  

Cooking For The Apocalypse

Cooking for the Apocalypse / Eco Noir: A companion for Precarious Times/ Group show. November 20–December 9, 2020. Symposium and book launch online: December 9 Exhibition Laboratory Merimiehenkatu 36 Helsinki Finland

Assemblage Staircase Gallery, group show, Tel Aviv

‘Call for Dreams’ won best narrative feature at La Paz International Film Festival, Bolivia

‘Call for Dreams’ selected for the 1st Edition of the UK Film Review Festival 2020

‘Call for Dreams’ selected for the 3rd Edition of  Urban Audiovisual Festival, Lisbon on November 12-14 2020

‘Call for Dreams’ official selection and in competition at the 10th Cinefantasy International Fantastic Film Festival 8-20/9/2020 São Paulo, Brazil

Call for Dreams special screening at Athens Digital Arts Festival 29/7/2020


Call for Dreams is now available at The Tel Aviv Cinematheque VOD

Call for Dreams won at AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival 2020

Call for Dreams available world wide.

Streaming now on:

Amazon Prime: amzn.to/3ecxZzZ ImdbTv: imdb.com/tv/watch/tt7520672?ref_=tt_wbr_fdv TubiTV: tubitv.com/movies/513029/call_for_dreams GooglePlay: play.google.com/store/movies/details/Call_for_Dreams?id=N2_Gbinhyvk.P&hl=en_US Roku:  therokuchannel.roku.com/details/a62f6035b44058cea0e8b2dada111688/call-for-dreams Vimeo: vimeo.com/ondemand/callfordreams

Here is a rare opportunity to watch 90 minutes of my installation films online consecutively. Thanks to Garret Linn for initiating & producing this event as part of Spectacle Theater‘s (Brooklyn NYC) online Twitch transmission events, normally in the collectively run screening space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, now online naturally. Tomorrow 7PM (EST) and free here – https://www.twitch.tv/spectaclenyc

Call for Dreams original soundtrack on Soundcloud

11 December at 19:30 Call for Dreams is part of the official selection at Nunes International Film Festival in Barcelona next month. Location: EL ATENEO LIBERTARIO DE GRACIA, CARRER DE L’ALZINA, 5 BARCELONA

Call for Dreams is part of the official selection at the 7th CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival, philippines

Call for Dreams is part of the official selection at the 7th Asian Film Festival Barcelona

The Floating Life winner at The Esports Digital Arts Prizes by Cyberport &Niio. To be show at The Arcade at Cyberport Hong Kong early 2020

Disorientation group show at The New Gallery Artists Studios, Jerusalem Opening 15.11.19 at 11:00 The term orientation, finding one’s position, originates in the Latin orientis or oriens, meaning “to shine” or “East,” to which ancient maps pointed. The act of adjusting the map to the correct picture of the world, turning it around to face east, was called orientation. When the compass was invented, magnetic north took its place as the main cardinal direction for Eurocentric mapmakers. Disorientation is a state of lack of spatial awareness in which one loses direction, whether it be geographic, concrete, or, metaphorical. The exhibition is on view in the New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, a complex that stands aloof in terms of the city’s spread, severed from the fabric of the urban street life, neighborhood, and community. The works by the six participating artists engage in definitions of place and its relationship with its visual markers. They mark out a place while simultaneously subverting the possibility of orientation within it. event https://www.facebook.com/events/451971002095338/

Solo show at Rubin Museum in Tel Aviv, until 22.10.19

Read a new review about at Israel Hayom  + Haaretz

Screenings and artist talk at MACRO ASILO Museum Rome

Call for Dreams screens on Saturday September 14th + artist talk

Battlefields screening on the 21st of september Smoke and Mirrors on the 28th of september Ursulimum on the 29th of september

16.6.19  https://www.siff.com/ CALL FOR DREAMS has been selected as one of the 7 films of this year’s SIFF Market Screenings at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

June 7 at 21:30 Call For Dreams atThrough the Looking Glass International Film Festival Milano at Cinema Arcobaleno, Viale Tunisia 11, Milano. Read a recent review on Cineclandestino.

Saturday 8.6 at 17:30 –>Round table “Cinema: from zero budget to the stars” Moderator: Davide Dubinelli. With: Marcel Barion (The Final Land), Ran Slavin (Call for Dreams)

16.6 – 20.6 art residency at the Carmel Forest Hotel Resort, North Israel Curator Sharon Toval
Newtopia showing in D/EVOLUTION show at Venice Biennale  07.05.2019 – 15.05.2019 https://www.zueccaprojects.org/project/d-evolution/

The Larva Society for Psychical Research with the video installation Ursulimum. Until August at The Artists House, Jerusalem.

6-11.3.19 Call for Dreams at The International Film Festival of Cartagena DeIndias, Cartagena, Colombia

Recent interviews

Very happy to be showing the video work “Newtopia” during the festive periods of Christmas and the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong’s largest, and one of the worlds largest screens! “Newtopia” will be screened on the Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and the Empire Centre screens during December and January as one of the winners at the The Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes “Newtopia” The Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes, Hong Kong from Ran Slavin on Vimeo. Description: The city sparkles in a mysterious mesmerizing futurist promise, between the present, past and future, science fiction and zen, suspended in this moment in time. The city as body, its molecular veins – light conveying information, forever on the move in a changing and morphing cycle. Newtopia featured in Wallpaper magazine

7.12.18 Call For Dreams wins Best Film at Utopia Film Festival

Call for Dreams won the Israeli competition last night at Utopia Film Festival with Call For Dreams! Thank you Utopiafest and thank you Jury Members Lior Elefant, Israel, Co-director, Israeli Women in Film and Television Forum Angel Sala Corbi, Spain, Director of the SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya Pedro Souto, Portugal, Director of the Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, MOTELX

Took us by surprise.

Quote: The jury of the Utopia Israel competition want to congratulate the organization of the Festival for a great selection, a perfect balance between pure genre movies and others more focused in the progressive genre hybridization and the break of frontiers of different cinema manifestations. The winner for this jury is Call For Dreams directed by Ran Slavin (produced by Ronen Ben-Tal). A film that develops a rich structure of themes, a complex narrative between science fiction and video art and also a reflection about the nature of reality.

27.11.2018 + 30.11.18 – Call For Dreams International Premier at “rebels with a cause competition” Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

14.11 at 17:15, Multikino #10 | Call for Dreams screens at the directors debut competition and cinematographers debut competition in Camerimage International Film Festival, Bydgoszcz, Poland

28.9 20:00 2018 – Call For Dreams Israeli premiere screens at The 34th Haifa International Film Festival.

21.11.18 20:00 – Call for Dreams screens at Beita Gallery Jerusalem- screening and Q&A

Solo show at Beita Gallery, Jerusalem

Preview in haaretz Preview in Talking Art  

Video Artwork October 18, Garment District Art Festival Billboard, Times Square New York
17.10 21:30 2018 – Call For Dreams screens in the Israel Cinema Day at The Tel Aviv Cinematheque, link to tickets: https://www.cinema.co.il/order/?evenid=20072 and at Cinema City, Glilot

28.9 20:00 2018 – Call For Dreams Israeli premiere at The 34th Haifa International Film Festival in a special event/

1.6.2018 OSTRALE Biennale opening in Malta with “Variations Amud Anan”

24-27.5.18 “Ursulimum” selected by the PhotoPhore to be included in “Tech Break” screening during ADAF (Athens Digital Art Festival) 2018, Greece

18.5.2018 New exhibition with a new 3 channel video installation titled “BATTLEFIELDS” at “DRONE VISION, WARFARE, SURVEILLANCE AND PROTEST” opening in NIMAC Nicosia, Cyprus