Ran Slavin | Radiances

The Lab 10.8.23 – 2.9.23

Radiances delves into realms of hyper-real virtuality, artificial reality, post-production, experimental techno, and the concept of the unreal as an ongoing emerging reality.

The installation is fast-paced and restless, akin to the speed of the exponential acceleration of external changes: digital, virtual, 3D, holographic, AI. Techno music, fog, rave speaker sound-system, AI scenes animated, 3D virtual characters, artificial flowers emitting light in a digital hybrid space. The exhibition’s main figure – “Radiant“, is a hyper-real non-binary meta-human puppet, delivering a reflective idiosyncratic manifesto about the state of our reality: nihilism, technology, drugs, fantasy, chaos. Made with the 3D gaming technology ‘Unreal Engine’, “Radiant” had my voice and actions traced and motion captured onto it.  Accompanying and shaping the show’s soundtrack is the experimental techno album “Radiances“ amounting to 75 minutes. Listen here

Photography: Youval Hai, Ran Slavin