Four Dreams

Media: video and sound
Format: DCP, Pro Res QT. projection. 3840×1080 pixel. color 25p
Year: 2022
Duration: 34:32 minutes
Languages: Hebrew and English
Subtitles: Hebrew and English
Locations: Greece, Japan
Four Dreams (2022)

Four Dreams continues motifs that initiated with the feature film Call for Dreams in a similar but different manner. Extended and further fragmented, Four Dreams is divided into four ‘acts’ which are defined as dreams, characterized by various abstract stories. In the heart of these dreams lies a reflection on time, horror and the acceptance of omnipresent mystery. Four Dreams is narrated intermittently by a child, whom we never see, a child trying to immerse and decipher certain essences in the fabric of reality. The work alludes to cinema but a clear narrative is never established, instead, images, soundtracks and narration overlap to form an immersive cinematic flow that builds up in relation to the viewer watching.


FOUR DREAMS TRAILER from Nocturnal Rainbow Films on Vimeo.

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