In The Moment

Video & sound in modular versions.
1 channels / 8 channels, etc
Year: 2018
Media: approximately 4500 still photographs, sound

The work “In the moment” is made up of a fast sequence of a few thousand photographs that Im used to publish online, photographs taken from everyday life, a kind of recording journeys of moments in an individual timeline. For me, photography has become part of the process of processing and deciphering reality. The work “In the Moment” refers to the fleeting moment and the recording of memory as it is expressed in cellular photography. The work challenges normal perception and offers a kind of catharsis and overload of an unstoppable and questionably comprehensible sequence.



Recent works


Paradise Now

SWELL / mini series

6480 Days / film

Four Dreams

The New Artificial Jew

Call For Dreams / film

Temporary Intervention / installation

Newtopia / digital outdoor show

Screenings in Times Square NYC

Solo show, Beita Gallery / installation

Battlefields / installation