Eyes On You

Eyes On You (excerpt)



Installation view:

Ghost/Eyes On You at The international Photography festival


Eyes On You
Video HD, 4:37 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound

“Ghost” and “Eyes On You” were first installed at the Lepers Colony (Hansen House )in Jerusalem and were in dialogue with the history of the location as part of 4 immersive installations in the building which led the viewer through the buildings labyrinth. The buildings interiors were lit in red light and fog was emitted from its windows. Ambient low-rumble sound was dispersed in the hallways and the holographic installations occurred in joined rooms.
The Lepers Colony or Hanson House, is a historical building in Jerusalem Talbiya neighborhood. The building was first made in the late 19th century as a hospital for patients with Hansen’s disease (leprosy). Until 2002 the site acted in the form of an outpatient clinic, and re-opened in 2013 as an extension of the Bezalel Academy of arts & design.
Hansen House Jerusalem during 28.5.13 – 8.6.13 at The Israel Festival

Exhibited at Hansen House (The Lepers Colony) Jerusalem during 28.5.13 – 8.6.13 at The Israel Festival
Cast: Douglas Letheren
Thanks to Amit Sides for help with the documentation.





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