Smoke and Mirrors (2012)

3 channel or 1 channel panoramic video/sound installation
3:54 min/loop, PAL, 16:9, color, sound, 2012
Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive or insubstantial explanation or description.
Its a term describing magician’s illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear amid a confusing burst of smoke and also a slang for magic acts and freak show displays that depend on ‘trompe l’oeil’ effects.
More generally the term may refer to any sort of presentation by which an audience is intended to be deceived.
In Smoke and Mirrors (2012), a gas station is steaming from its ceiling, a car roof set on fire. Steam patterns and mirrored cloud formations appear and disappear in unassuming locations. A silhouette of a man blinks on and off nervously. There is no explanation or apparent reason for these events to happen.
Filmed in the old central bus station in south Tel Aviv and installed accordingly to life-size figure dimensions.


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