Ran Slavin is an artist, composer and film maker. His work explores narrative and abstract fiction, polarities of historical, myth and the supernatural, analogue and virtual worlds through video installations, print, photography, sound tracks, cinematic work.

“Since the 1980s, Ran Slavin’s visual-musical bent has been gradually honed into what can be called “tourism in the third domain”. A semi-scientific semi-religious crusade to what may be either a futuristic reality or a primeval dream. A journey aimed at exploring the secrets of the collective memory of a place which is at once site and space, consciousness and time, sound and image, reality and fiction. The intended, though always breathtaking vagueness, results from a work of digital composition that stitches together the mythic and the magical, the historical and the esoteric, the factual and the speculative, the archaic and the science-fictional” by Naomi Aviv.

Selected shows include The Ostrale Biennale for Contemporary Art, Dresden (2017), Halle14 CCA Leipzig (2016), The Herzliya and Haifa Museums of Contemporary Art (solo, 2016), The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre-Cyprus (2015), Souvenirs From Earth (France/Germany cables 2014-2015), Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition-Hong-ethereal Museum (2014), Kunsthalle/Hannover (2013), Mediations Biennale/Poland (2012), Manifesta Satellite events/Belgium (2012), Museum on the Seam/Jerusalem (2012), Maerzmusik/Berlin (2011), Videoformes/France (2010), Petah Tikva Art Museum/Israel (2009), Tel Aviv Art Museum(2009), Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art/Belgium (2008), Torino film festival/Italy (2007), Ars Electronica/Linz (mention of honor) (2007), Liverpool Biennial (2006), Rencontres Internationales-Madrid-Berlin-Paris (2006-2012), Venice Architecture Biennial (2004), Transmediale/Berlin (2003).

Through out a musical career of experimenting with sub genres from punk in the early 80’s and post punk in late 80’s in London, experimental rock, metal, drum and bass, glitch, experimental electro acoustic improvisation, ambient.

Music and recordings appear on the labels Crónica (Portugal), False Ind (Tel Aviv) and have also appeared on Mille Plateaux (Frankfurt-Berlin), Sub Rosa (Belgium), Rail Cables (Manchester), AK Duck (Jerusalem), Earsay (Tel Aviv), Nana Disc (Tel Aviv) and others.

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