Duration: 3:50


The video work Eye, as it is called, shows a vertical and enlarged close-up of an eye of which the pupil switches from human to animal with each blink, and in it reflects a column of smoke, lacking a source of combustion, which twists and evaporates as it leaves the frame.

Slavin’s works consist of saturated scenes enchanted by the mysterious and the dark, seductive and yet warning of danger at the same time, and rely on aesthetic features that form part of Slavin’s visual lexicon – one characterised by alienated beauty, nerve-wracking silence, intensity and utopian/dystopian appearance. The image of smoke is an example of a prominent motif in this lexicon, which for Slavin is a symbol of deception and elusiveness, as a kind of axis or umbilical cord that connects the tangible to the amorphous, and is used as a transition between the physical and the immaterial.


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