Artist CV

Ran Slavin

1967 Born in Jerusalem Israel
1975-78 Lives in San Francisco
1983-1986 Lives in London
1985 Lives in Singapore
1986-1990 B.F.A. Betzalel Art Academy, Jerusalem
1990-current – Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Solo exhibitions

2017 World5 (version#2), The Haifa Museum of Modern Art, Israel
2016 World5, The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel
2013 Ghost, Eyes On You, Eye, Dancer, Beit Hansen, The Lepers Colony, Jerusalem
2012 The perspiration of illusion, Galerija Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 Ursulimum, Givon Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 Insomniac City at La Tolerie, Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2008 Insomniac City, 3 channel video-sound installation at the Petah Tikva Museum of Art, Israel
2008 Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art, Aalst, Belgium
2008 Works” at the Tavi-Dresdner Gallery, Tel Aviv
2006 Insomniac City vers3, Media Nox gallery, Maribor, Slovenia
2006 Monographic screenings at The Third Ear, Tel Aviv IL
1996 ‘Breathing Room’ at Office in Tel Aviv gallery, Tel Aviv Israel
1994 ‘Sculptures’ at Sadnaot Haomanim gallery, Tel Aviv Israel
1992 ‘Mindscapes’ [part 1] at the Yavne Art gallery, Yavne Israel
1992 ‘Mindscapes’ [part 2 at the Betsalel Art gallery, Jerusalem Israel
1991 ‘Electric’ at Beit Haomanim gallery, Jerusalem Israel

Screenings & installations (selection)

2017 Variations Amud Anan, OSTRALE Biennale for contemporary art in Germany, Dresden.
2017 Ursulimum at DATA CITIES, Centre Des Arts ENGHIEN-LES-BAINS / FRANCE
2017 Variations Amud Anan, HALLE 14 – Centre for Contemporary Art Leipzig, Germany
2017 Variations Amud Anan, Terra Mediterranea: In Action, at NIMAC, Nicosia, Cyprus
2017 Israel Contemporary Art, Kiev (from Tiroche DeLeon collection)
2017 The Philharmonic Installation (with Nevet Yitzhak)
2016 Installation 24, (permanent installment) Beit Hatfutsot Museum, Tel Aviv
2016 Staring Back at The Sun, New Museum, New York
2016 Staring Back at The Sun, Casa do Povo, São Paulo
2016 Staring Back at The Sun, International House, Philadelphia
2016 Staring Back at The Sun, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw?September
2015 “Eye, version 2″ installed for 1 night @ Barzilay & Duplex club. Tel Aviv
2013 Untitled +Eye outside screening at Teder Tel Aviv
2012 Smoke and Mirrors, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid at Palais de Tokyo, Paris
2012 Smoke and Mirrors in Aiva’s program at the Belgrade Art Fair, Serbia
2012 Smoke and Mirrors, The Annual Video Art and Experimental Film Award, The Jerusalem Film Festival
2012 Alenbi Moment screenings at; Ivahm 12 Columbia Festival Cinetoro, Galicia. CEGAI, vahm 12, Madrid
2012 Ursulimum screening at the Athens Video Art Festival
2012 Smoke and Mirrors screening at AIVA, Angelholm International Video Art Festival. Sweden
2012 Ursulimum screening in competition at Prix de Creation, Videoformes, France
2012 Untitled screening at Sonikfest, Brooklyn New York
2012 The Insomniac City Cycles screening at Kino Abaton, Sounds of Israel Festival, Hamburg
2011 The Insomniac City Cycles screening at MaerzMusik 2011. Cinema Babylon, Berlin
2010 Solo event at The Sculpture Garden of The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2010 The Insomniac City Cycles screening at the Jewish Film Festival, San Francisco
2010 The Insomniac City Cycles screening in Curitiba, “Mostravideo” program, Brazil
2010 The Insomniac City Cycles screening in Belo Horizonte “Mostravideo” program, Brazil
2010 The Insomniac City Cycles screening at Rote Flora, Hamburg
2010 The Insomniac City Cycles at the Center For Contemporary Arts, Tel Aviv
2009 The Insomniac City Cycles at the International Festival Of Exploratory Music, London
2009 Premier of The Insomniac City Cycles at the Icon Film Festival, Tel Aviv
2009 Insomniac City (part 3) and “Everything Is Urgent” on SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH, the European Cable Network
2009 Organic Urbanic at the Israel Museum of Art
2009 Everything is urgent at Cannes International Contemporary Art Fair, France
2009 The Insomniac City Cycles at the 45th Pesaro Film Festival, Italy
2009 The Insomniac City Cycles at Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2008 Insomniac City, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/madrid, Triennale of contemporary Art, Prague
2008 Alenbi Moment at Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/madrid at Haus der Kulturen der Welt
2008 A monographic screening of works at Audiovisiva, Milan, Italy
2007 Special focus at the 25th Torino Film Festival, Italy
2007 Insomniac City (version 3) screening at Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel Germany
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) at Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Jeu De Paume, Paris
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) at the Unsound music festival, Krakow
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) at the Wormhole Saloon, The Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
2006 Untitled at Optica video festival, Gijon, Spain
2006 Insomniac City (part 3) at the Big Screen, Liverpool
2006 Insomniac City, Rencontres Internationales Paris, Caracas Contemporary art museum, Venezuela
2006 ‘Untitled’ and You Are Beautiful’ on street led screens in Ljubljana, at the Visual Sound project, Slovenia
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) at the MIVAEM Biennal, Montreal Canada
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) at the Liverpool Biennale, part of Hiding City-Seeking City program, Liverpool
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) ISEA 2006, Zero One San Jose, California
2006 “Beauty Queen 1666” at Found Footage/Cultural Recycling/Intersections, the 23rd Jerusalem Film Festival
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) at the “Details of Sound” festival, Ukraine
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) ‘Hors Pistes’ medium length film festival, Pompidou Center, Paris
2006 Insomniac City (version 3) Channel 2 TV, Israel
2005 Insomniac City (version 2) at Documentaire Sur Grand Ecran, Paris
2005 Insomniac City (version 1) at the annual museum night, Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam Holland
2005 Insomniac City (version 2) at the 27th festival Cinema De Mediterranean, Montpellier, France
2005 Untitled at the Connectors festival, Sonic Arts Network. Curated by Kurt Ralske, Bristol UK
2005 Insomniac City (part 3) at ctrl_alt_del, 9th International Istanbul Biennial, Turkey
2004 North Station at Transmediale, Berlin
2004 Insomniac City (part 1) at the Israeli Pavilion. 9th Venice Biennale of Architecture, Venice Italy
2004 A monographic screening of works, Isratim, Israeli Film Festival, Paris France
2004 Organic Urbanic at the Jewish Museum, New York USA
2003 Organic Urbanic at E-Phos video festival, Athens, Greece
2003 Organic Urbanic screening in Beigin, China

Group exhibitions (selection)

2017 Censorship, Ankori Tel Aviv
2017 Mediations Biennale, Poznan Poland
2016 Imago Mundi at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn (NY)
2016 Artis: Staring Back at The Sun, Towson University, Baltimore
2016 – No Graphics, group show at HIT faculty, Hulon Israel
2016 – Universum, The International Photography Festival, Tel Aviv
2015 Map of the New Art, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
2015 There Is There Group exhibition, curated by Sivan Gross at Start Gallery Tel Aviv
2015 Recurrence: Rituals, Place & History, NIMAC art centre, Nicosia, Cyprus
2014 “Tesseract” installation at Dream Weavers exhibition, Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv
2014 Ghost at The Return Of Ghosts, The 4th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, Hong-Gah Museum, Taiwan
2014 Scenery2 3 channel installation at Becoming curated by Sharon Toval, Hansen House, Jerusalem
2014 Ursulimum installation m 21 Gallery, Curated by Rita Varga & Márton Pacsika, Hungary
2014 Bains Numeriques Festival, Enghien-les-Bains, France. curated by Emmanuel Cuisinier
2014 m 21 Gallery, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Pécs, Hungary. Curators: Rita Varga, Márton Pacsika
2013 Weightless, Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover
2013 The Dark Outside, Murrays Monument, The Galloway Forest, Scotland
2013 Larger then Love soundtrack w/Shony Rivnai, Temp Art Space, New York
2012 Ursulimum at the exhibition “New Codes” The Athens Video Art Festival
2012 Everything Is Urgent and Ursulimum installations at Mediations Biennale, Poznan Polin
2012 The Burger Branch at Boidem, Bikurei Haitim Centre, Tel Aviv
2012 Ursulimum installation at the ART+ Hotel Tel Aviv
2012 Ursulimum is exhibited at the Regional Museum of Baroque, Noto, Italy
2012 Ursulimum at FILE. Gallery SESI at FIESP, Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2012 “Interfun – Tel Aviv Speed Show” a group exhibition, Allenbi 20 st, Tel Aviv
2012 Montefiore Microphone, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv
2012 Ursulimum at FILE 2012. Gallery SESI at FIESP, Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2012 Ursulimum at Cosmopolitan Stranger, Manifesta 9 satellite exhibition, Hasselt, Belgium
2012 Ursulimum t Museum on the Seam (Mots) Jerusalem
2011 9 works at Contemporary gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Naomi Aviv
2011 Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2011 The art of urban intervention , Galerie Emila Filly Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
2010 Insomniac City (version 3) Haifa Museum, Over View-Israeli Video 2000-2010, Sergio Edelsztein, Haifa
2010 Sequences; Identities. Installation. The Jewelry Biennale. The Israel Museum, Rammat Aviv
2010 Organic Urbanic/Tender Prey at The Artist Residence, Herzeliya, Israel
2010 The Immaculate Virgin Conception/Sleep Through The Static, the Center For Contemporary Arts, Tel Aviv
2009 Tel Aviv Time, durated by Nili Goren, The Tel Aviv Museum Of Art
2009 Galerie Leminotaure, Paris
2009 Gallery Givon, Tel Aviv
2008 D&A Contemporary Photography, Tel Aviv
2008 Digital Landscapes, the University Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007 Untitled at the Petach Tikva Museum, Israel
2005 ‘From club straight to museum’, Club Transmediale, Berlin
2004 North Station at Transmediale, Berlin
2003 Organic Urbanic at Pixelache, Helsinki Finland
2003 Organic Urbanic at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

Video-sound performances (selection)

2016 UKRS – [Uri Katzenstein+Ran Slavin] “2 suits”. A live sound-video show at Bascula club in Tel Aviv/ Ash Art Line production.
2016 UKRS – “2 suits”. A live sound-video show at The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art / new project with Uri Katzenstein.
2013 Shredder, Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv
2013 Everything Passage 1+2, Pasaz, Tel Aviv
2012 Seijiro Murayama / Pirx / Ran Slavin feat: Arik Hayut/ FEED soundspace, Berlin
2012 “Fictions and Fragments” at FEED soundspace. Ran Slavin / Lillevan/ HcGilje + Klimek / Yair Glotman+Pierce Waernek, Berlin
2012 Live video concert at KörberForum, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
2011 At Dance Box, Kobe, Japan
2011 MaerzMusik 2011. Cinema Babylon, 22:00, Berlin
2010 Dissolving Localities (Israel/USA) A production of The Lab Center for Performing Arts, Jerusalem
2010 Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand, France
2009 Digital Behaviour part1, Tavi Dresdner Gallery Tel Aviv
2008 Plateaux festival, Contemporary Arts Centre, Torun, Poland
2008 Audiovisiva, Milan
2008 Netwerk, center for contemporary art, Aalst, Belgium
2007 Madeira Dig, Madeira Island, Portugal
2007 ICA, Atlantic Waves Festival, London
2007 Memory Tunes, Brucknerhaus, Ars Electronica, Linz
2007 Opening event of Ars Electronica “More then Memories”, Linz
2007 Musrara Mix festival, Jerusalem
2007 Quiet Video Riot, CCA, Tel Aviv
2006 “Untitled Memories” at “Man without shirt” cafe barzilay, Tel Aviv
2006 LIVE CINEMA NIGHTS, ISEA 2006 Zero One San Jose, California
2006 Live audio-video at M12, as part of PRUIG, Berlin
2006 Under.Ctrl Forum StadtPark, Graz Austria
2005 RS vs CE the Digital Art Lab with David Oppenheim. Holon, Israel
2005 ctrl_alt_del opening night, 9th International Istanbul Biennial, Turkey
2005 the Haifa Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel
2005 BRG2005, Braga, Portugal
2005 UltrasSound,Tmuna Theatre ,Tel Aviv Israel
2004 V2 Affective Turbulance, Deaf 04, Rotterdam Holland
2003 Audiosphere, with Cristof Shlagel & Thomas Koner, Tel Aviv Israel
2003 Opening show for Transmediale 03, Haus der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin Germany
2003 Maria ost Bahnhof, Club Transmediale, Berlin Germany
2003 Recycle Art, Brussells Belgium
2003 Cobra Ensamble, Israeli Theatre Festival, Jerusalem Israel
2002 “Subo” at the Festspiehaus, St Polten, Austria
2001 Constructive Chaos and Video Dna, opening night of the Digital Art lab, Holon Israel


2017 Call For Dreams (feature film)
2009 The Insomniac City Cycles (experimental feature film)

Videographie / Video Installation

2017 In The Moment
2016 Variations Amud Anan
2016 World5
2014 Negative Land (Self Portrait 7 hits) (Series)
2014 Car on Fire, Sunny Day
2012 Montefiore Microphone
2012 Parallel Realities
2012 Smoke and Mirrors
2012 Parallel Realities
2012 Ursulimum
2010 The Immaculate Virgin Conception/Sleep Through The Static
2009 Everything Is Urgent
2007/8 Alenbi Moment, Highway Moment
2008 To Know Fire
2005 Facial Witness
2002-05 Invisible Harmonies
2005 Untitled
2005 Radio
2005 Golden Twilight Moments
2005 A RadiophonicFairyTale
2004 At The Burger Ranch
2004 You Are Beautiful
2004 The Silence
2004 Cit Oscillo
2004 Pixel Travels
2004 DreamZone 523
2003 North Station DM528
2003 Nowa Huta/Preview Skin
2002-2008 Organic Urbanic/Tender Prey
2002 Informer
1997-2002 Mercedes Camels From The Holyland
1996-2001 Intifada Offspring
2002 Hollow
1997-2002 Omni 1/1.7
1996 Hotel Rooms / Airports

Music Releases / Audio-Publications

2015 Rail Cables winter selection, Scanner, Greg Fox, Ran Slavin, Dru$s, (Manchester) 2 vinyl LP & digital
2013 Showing Light, False Ind
2010 Cronica L, cd v/a
2010 The Mediterranean Drift, Unlimited Release, Cronica
2008 Nocturnal Rainbow Rising, Unlimited Release, Cronica
2007 The Wayward Regional Transmissions, cd Cronica
2006 Insomniac City, dvd/cd, Mille Plateaux
2006 Into The Void, Meissner/Slavin/Sachs, cd Sub Rosa Records
2005 Can I have 2 minutes of your time?, cd/dvd Cronica, v/a
2005 Past Present Future. cd Ak Duck Records, v/a
2005 Resses, Type/+, 5″ cd Ak Duck records ep
2004 Bizz_Circuits_play_Intifada_Offspring, [comp,cd,dvd], Mille PlateauxMedia, v/a
2004 Click and Cuts 4, cd Mille PlateauxMedia, v/a
2004 Tropical Agent / Ears in Water, product 02, cd Cronica
2003 On Paper, as Bz_ToneR [with Sebastian Meissner], 2xcd Cronicaa, v/a
2003 Electronic Facts, cd Fact records, v/a
2002 Walking in Jerusalem, Random_Inc [compilation/cd/vinyl/video/Text], Mille-Plateaux, v/a
2002 Quanta+Else|Studio Blanks 01-02, cd Esot. Rec
2001 Lipstick Sync [Slavin+Shargoretsky aka Dj E]: Eastern Symphonies, cd Nana Discs
2000 SharkMoneySexFastEntertainment, cd Earsay Records
2000 Israelian Jungle, B.N.E records, cd v/a
1999 Thermo-Swing, cd Esot. Rec
1996 Rare [Slavin/Frost/Hayut/Horovitz]- private pleasures, cd Hed Arzi records
1992 Rir [Slavin/Frost/Hayut/Horovitz], cd mc Hed Arzi records
1987 Shalosh-Hait [Slavin/Oppenheim/Hareuveni], self released untitled L.P

Sound Collaborations and Bands

2001 Lipstick Sync w/Eli Shargoretsky, Tel Aviv
1992 Rir / Rare w/Adam Horowitz, Uri frost, Arik Hayut, Tel Aviv
1987 Shalosh Hait [3-H] w/David Op and Reem Hareuveni, Jerusalem
1985 The Pleasure Splinters, London
1982 Cholera w/David Op, Macelo Hervitz, Amir Yagil, Jerusalem


2015 The Rabinovitch Foundation for Arts, catalogue funding
2015 Mifal Hapais Award for WORLD5 at The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art Israel
2011 New Fund for Cinema and Television
2007 Honorary Mention at the 2007 Prix Ars Electronica for The Wayward Regional Transmissions CD.
2006 The Rabinovich foundation for the arts – Cinema Project, Tel Aviv Israel
2006 Israel Lottery Council for the Arts, Israel
2006 Prize in Art and Design from the Ministry of Science, Pras idud hayetsira
2006 The Rabinovich foundation for the arts – Cinema Project, Tel Aviv Israel
2004 Prize for alternative music video with Lior Har Lev at the 951 video awards, Tel Aviv Israel
2002 Prize for best music video at the 951 video awards, Tel Aviv Israel
2002 First prize for sound design of channel ‘5+’ id’s, Promax, Los angeles USA
1999 Best soundtrack prize for music of the documentary film ‘Stress’ at the Doc-Aviv Film Fest, Tel Aviv Israel
1996 Prize for original director at the haifa music video competition, Israel
1994 The Young Artist Award, Tel Aviv Israel
1991 The Sharet Fund Award, Tel Aviv Israel