The Floating Life / installation

Video & sound in 4 & 1 channels (excerpt above) full length: 16:52 minutes Year: 2018 media: 8k digital video edition of 5 The Floating Life exaggerates, echoes and reflects an increasingly saturated parallel reality. Layers of digital 3d animations are observed with fascination and critic, overlaid to perform an ongoing morphing abstraction from avatar representations, robotic parts, body organs, particles of avatars, 3D models of beasts and machines overlap restlessly. It refers to the post-Internet digital information data age and its representations in 3D form, intensifying agencies of chaos in abstract animation, visual excess and over stimulation of frequent variables. Drawing inspiration from the intensity of mega cities and gaming environments where fast computer graphics morph frantically, interact and alter, The Floating Life amplifies expressions of seductive visual chaos. The Floating Life is presented as 1 channel video, 4 channel video, or 4 vertical screens.

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