The Floating Life / installation


The Floating Life (excerpt1) from Ran Slavin on Vimeo.

Video & sound in 4 & 1 channels
(excerpt above) full length: 16:52 minutes
Year: 2018
media: 8k digital video
edition of 5

The Floating Life echoes and addresses an increasing saturated digital reality.
Layers of digital 3d animations are observed with fascination and critic, overlaid to perform an ever morphing abstraction reflecting information, heterotopia and overload. Forecasting possible visual scapes, of data, of the holographic, augmented future city mental projection.

Tags: visual excess & color stimuli, code, 3d eye candy, robotics, synthetic information, hyper visuals.
The Floating Life is presented as 1 channel video, 4 channel video, or 5 vertical screens.



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