WORLD5. Vertical Screen Adjusted Work

WORLD5. Vertical Screen Adjusted Work

(This work version is made for a vertical screen and can also be aligned with other works in the series)

Off-world fragments and technological debris float abandoned in space in an ambient calm suggesting a fragment in an unfinished story.

First originated in a solo show titled World5, a large-scale installation that contemplated the disconnection from natural time, presenting a dysfunctional technological space with a meditative appeal, of utopian hyper-evolved futures, as an encompassing reflection of a virtual and digital age. A space that invited multiplicity, exploration, and creation in an infinite fractal. Formed by story, by moment. Through a fleeting view, yet critical. A space thats a game, a story, or a dream that breaks the boundaries of perception. All patterns, examples, conditions, opinions and principles are welcome to play. A space thats a development, an investigation, a refinement, and an inventing process of new ones. An alternative. Through constant change, its the investigation of what freedom is. This is not the truth. It’s a momentary tool. There is no a single form, not a single appearance, it’s a changing, open space, not continuous, not known in advance, dissolving borders, a beginning of an opening. (excerpt from an exploration of mind spaces)











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