Call For Dreams / Film


Call for Dreams is an Israeli-Japanese psychological drama film directed by Ran Slavin.
Now available to view rent and purchase on Amazon Prime worldwide and screening at selected festivals.

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In rainy Tokyo the lives of a Japanese girl and an Israeli police detective intertwine. ?Eko complicates her life by publishing a ‘Call for Dreams’ ad in a Tokyo newspaper. With her scooter visiting strangers in the city, who leave descriptions of their dreams on her analog answering machine and for a fee acts them out. As dreams seep into reality and a parallel police investigation of a murder in Tel Aviv unfolds, what is real and what is not is hard to distinguish.

Mami Shimazaki, Yehezkel Lazarov, Yuval Robichek
With Oleg Levin, Olga Kurkulina, Harue Masuda, Takanori Kawaharada, Akila Kawamura, Chiaki Horita, Tsuneyoshi Ichihara, Chen Wei Lee, Mariko Kakizaki, Roee Adar
81 minutes | 2018 | Language: Japanese, English, Hebrew, Russian. Subtitles: English. Produced by Plan B Productions in association with Nocturnal Rainbow Films
Produced by Ronen Ben Tal & Ran Slavin
Associate Producer Merav Ktorza
Executive Producer: Tomer Almagor
Written & directed by Ran Slavin

34th Haifa International Film Festival, official selection, Israeli premier, 2018  
22nd POFF Black Nights Film Festival, “Rebels With a Cause Competition” International Premier, Tallinn – Estonia 2018  
26th Camerimage Film Festival, official selection “Directors Debut & Cinematographers Debut Competitions”, Poland 2018  
4th Utopia Film Festival, official selection (winner best film, Israeli competition) Israel 2018  
13th Ecu The European Independent Film Festival (winner best actress) Paris 2018  
17th Cinema South International Film Festival, Israel 2018  
Academy nomination (Ophir Awards) for best production design, Israel 2018  
59th Ficci, official selection, The International Film Festival of Cartagena De Indias, Cartagena, Colombia 2019  
22nd Shanghai International Film Festival 2019 (market)  
1st Oltre lo Specchio, official selection, – Through the Looking Glass International Film Festival Milano 2019  
7th Asian Film Festival Barcelona, Official Panorama Section, 2019  
23rd UK Jewish Film Festival, London 2019  
17th Mindanao Film Festival, Philippines 2019  
9th Nunes International Film Festival, Barcelona 2019  
7th Cine Kasimanwa, The western Visayas Film Festival, Philippines 2019  


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