The Floating Life / installation


Video & sound in 4 & 1 channels
(excerpt above) full length: 16:52 minutes
Year: 2017
media: 8k digital video
edition of 5

Visual excess & color stimuli, code, 3d eye candy, robotics, synthetic information, hyper visuals.
Off-world fragments and technological debris float abandoned in space in an ambient calm suggesting a fragment in an unfinished story. “The Floating Life” contemplates the meaning & feeling of the disconnection from natural time, presenting a dysfunctional technological space with a meditative appeal, of utopian hyper-evolved futures, as an encompassing reflection of a virtual and digital age.
“The Floating Life” addresses an increasing post internet online presence and a technology connected world. It visualizes and echoes a parallel abstract simultaneity of a virtuality that has turned into a reality, a morphing digital online essence, our multi screen environments, distracted, information busy digital current present. “The Floating Life” resembles a ride through a future-is-already-here city with the entropy of the fleeting splinters of images, where each image is already the next one, with no time to take it all in, we are left with the option of a gaze and marvel at the new synthetic techno eye candy.
“The Floating Life” can be presented as 1 channel video, 4 channel video, and 4 vertical screens.


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