Montefiore Microphone

Video installation HD, 9:30 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound, 2012
Microphone stand, Magnifying glass, Blue LED light, 4 inch monitor, video 6:58 min

Montefiori neighborhood in Tel Aviv that was erected in the field of the first orchard in Israel that was planted and cared for by jews. Over the years it transformed and today it is home to mainly car garages, night clubs, studios and also gambling and prostitution houses. My aim is to construct an atmosphere of a thriller film from the footage i would shoot of the empty Montifiori streets at night. A nocturnal drama of emptiness, white noise, micro noise. To find hidden stories with sound. Eventually this slow grainy black & white video turned to be so bleak & depressing I had to pair it with a suicide note I found on the web.

Curated by Emmanuel Witzthum for Ultrasound Festival at Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv

Installation view:

Montefiore 2. Gadi Dagon
photo by Gadi Dagon

Montefiore. Gadi Dagon
photo by Gadi Dagon

Monefiore Microphone Ran Slavin-0000

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