In The Moment

Video & sound in modular versions.
1 channels / 8 channels, etc
Year: 2018
Media: Photographs, Sound (version 1 music by Young Gods, version 2 by Rans)
In The Moment is a video made from thousands of my photographs addressing notions of speed, instancy and perception, focusing on a nowness of a moment while reflecting on an era over saturated with images. The video work In The Moment multiplexes density, overload, visual rhythm and motion versus the ability to digest content while lamenting the dilution of images in an endless stream of data.







Recent works

6480 Days

Call For Dreams / Film

Temporary Intervention / installation

Newtopia / outdoors in Hong Kong

Screenings in Times Square NYC

Solo show, Beita Gallery / installation

Battlefields / installation

The Floating Life / installation

Variations Amud Anan / installation

Installation 24 [commission]

WORLD5. Vertical Screen Adjusted Work

World5 / installation