Amud Anan (Cloud Pillar)

Video HD duration: loop, dimensions are variable and site specific

The video portrays an endless vertical line of cloud constantly streaming without end.
The work reflects on the borrowed use of the Israeli Defense Forces of a mythological metaphor Amud Anan (Translating to Cloud Column) for a military operation title. It appears in the bible as a metaphor and image of a beacon of a holy spirit leading the way with a pillar of smoke in daytime, and a pillar of fire at night and later appeared in reality as towering smoke columns from missile attacks. In 2012 the Operation Amud Anan aka Pillar of Defense (Hebrew: Amúd Anán literally meaning Pillar of Cloud) was an eight-day Israel Defense Forces operation in the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip, which began on 14 November 2012 with the killing of the chief of the Gaza military wing of Hamas and the launch of over 100 rockets at Israel during a 24-hour period. The operation was preceded by a period during which a number of mutual Israeli-Palestinian responsive attacks had taken place. The work deals with jewish history and the internalization of the esthetics of war as we have come to see it on the media.
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