Filmmaker, video artist & experimental electronic musician based in Tel Aviv. Wrote directed, designed edited and scored 2018’s feature film “Call For Dreams” premiering at The Haifa Film Festival in September and nominated for best production design at The Ophir Awards. Wrote & directed “The Insomniac City Cycles” in 2009, a full-length film supported by the Rabinovich Foundation and Mifal Hapayis, which has shown internationally. In 2016 he got support from Mifal Hapyis and The Rabinovich Foundation for supporting his exhibition “World5”. In 2011, the video work “Ursulimum”won the support of the New Foundation for Cinema and Television. Won a “mention of honor” at the New Media Festival “Ars-Electronica” in Linz-Austria in 2007 for a CD release that brought Ahuva Ozeri and mizrahi music into a new electronic context. In 2006 he won a Prize for Encouragement of Art, The Young Artist and the Sharet Foundation Award. Has a BFA graduate degree from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
Ran Slavin is an artist who works primarily with video installation, sound and film. His work often embraces the tension between fact and fiction, supernatural and mythical, history and futurism. It does so through fiction, narrative, post production and elaborate installations.
His films, sound work and video installations can be interpreted as expansions of cinematic forms, usually utilizing post production and compositing sensibilities as tools of subversion and reality enhancement that compel the viewer to wander beyond the immediate image.
Selected shows include The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (solo Jan 2016), The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre- Cyprus (2015), Souvenirs From Earth (France/Germany cables 2014-2015), Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition- Hong-Gah Museum (2014), Kunsthalle/Hannover (2013), Mediations Biennale/Poland (2012), Manifesta Satellite events/ Belgium (2012), Museum on the Seam/Jerusalem (2012), Maerzmusik/Berlin (2011), Videoformes/France (2010), Petah Tikva Art Museum/Israel (2009), Tel Aviv Art Museum(2009), Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art/Belgium (2008), Torino film festival/Italy (2007), Liverpool Biennial (2006), Rencontres Internationales-Madrid-Berlin-Paris (2006-2012), Venice Architecture Biennial (2004), Transmediale/Berlin (2003).
His films are/were shown at The Haifa International Film Festival, Cinema South Film Festival Israel, Torino Film Festival, Pesaro Film Festival Italy, Winterthur Film Festival Switzerland, Split Film Festival Croatia, Newcastle Documentary Festival, Icon Film Festival Israel as well on Israeli Channel 2 television and many more.
Music and recordings appear on Crónica (Portugal), False Ind (Tel Aviv) and have also appeared on Mille Plateaux (Frankfurt-Berlin), Sub Rosa (Belgium), Rail Cables (Manchester), AK Duck (Jerusalem), Earsay (Tel Aviv), Nana Disc (Tel Aviv).

Music and recordings appear on the labels Crónica (Portugal), False Ind (Tel Aviv) and have also appeared on Mille Plateaux (Frankfurt-Berlin), Sub Rosa (Belgium), Rail Cables (Manchester), AK Duck (Jerusalem), Earsay (Tel Aviv), Nana Disc (Tel Aviv) Hed Arzi (Tel Aviv) Heart & Crossbones (Tel Aviv)

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