Ran Slavin is a digital video artist, composer and film maker. His work explores fiction and prismatic forms and narratives through video installations, digital music releases and films. His work often utilizes post production and digital compositing sensibilities as tools of story telling and immersion. His work often embraces polarities of fact and fiction, supernatural and mythical, physical and ethereal, and compels the viewer to wander beyond the immediate into a cloud of disposition.

Selected shows include Halle14 CCA Leipzig, The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (solo, Jan 2016), The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre-Cyprus (2015), Souvenirs From Earth (France/Germany cables 2014-2015), Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition-Hong-ethereal Museum (2014), Kunsthalle/Hannover (2013), Mediations Biennale/Poland (2012), Manifesta Satellite events/Belgium (2012), Museum on the Seam/Jerusalem (2012), Maerzmusik/Berlin (2011), Videoformes/France (2010), Petah Tikva Art Museum/Israel (2009), Tel Aviv Art Museum(2009), Netwerk Centre for Contemporary Art/Belgium (2008), Torino film festival/Italy (2007), Ars Electronica/Linz (mention of honor) (2007), Liverpool Biennial (2006), Rencontres Internationales-Madrid-Berlin-Paris (2006-2012), Venice Architecture Biennial (2004), Transmediale/Berlin (2003).

Music and recordings appear on Crónica (Portugal), False Ind (Tel Aviv) and have also appeared on Mille Plateaux (Frankfurt-Berlin), Sub Rosa (Belgium), Rail Cables (Manchester), AK Duck (Jerusalem), Earsay (Tel Aviv), Nana Disc (Tel Aviv) and others.

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